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What is the quality of your camera?


We only use 18MP DSLR Camera’s that also offer Video recording ability. the industry standard used by almost every other photobooth company is 6 – 12MP. When using these lower end camera’s it causes photo’s to distort when printed and they lack the color of a higher quality camera.


Does your booth print color or black and white photos?
Our equipment can print either black and white or color. It is completely up to each guest as they enter the booth!
Do you offer a scrapbook option?

Absolutely! Scrapbooks are included with some packages, or can be purchased as an A La Carte item.


Do you provide me with a digital copy of all images taken at my event?

Yes. You will get a digital copy of every photo strip, as well as each individual picture. You will receive a USB of all your photos the night of the event, and all photos will be uploaded on our website gallery for you and your guests to view.


Do you offer video recorded messages?

Yes. Unlimited video recorded messages are available. Included with this is a digital copy of all messages sent to the event host.


Can I change the background in my pictures?

We do offer a green screen service that will allow you to change the image behind the people in the pictures.


How many photo strips will be printed at the event?

Two copies are printed. Both copies will be given to the guest, unless you have chosen our scrapbook option, we will put the host’s copy in the scrapbook. 


Does your company offer props?

YES! props add a bit of fun to an already great time. We have hats, glasses, wigs, masks, boa’s, and more…


Can you print a logo on our photo strips?

Absolutely! Every event gets a premium designed photo strip. Turning your photo’s into instant party/wedding favors.


What are the dimensions of the photo booth?

The photo booth area is approximately 4′ wide x 6′ long x 6′ tall and requires an electrical outlet. Please allow extra room for the attendant and necessary extra items (props, scrapbook station, etc).If you get props… we will also have a table that is 5 ft long. an 10×10 area is recommended in that case.


How many people can fit in the booth?

We have seen as many as 12 people fit into our booths, but comfortably 5 or 6. However, we can move the back curtain to allow for as many guests as you would like to get in the picture.







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